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With July fast approaching, I really didn’t have anything to write about until yesterday. See, most of this month was the same as last month and the month before due to the events that have been going on in the world. Book events were still being canceled or postponed right and left and there was very little to do except to continue writing my second book of the trilogy.

In reality, life has been rather dull and, like many of us small business owners, I was getting really discouraged in regards to my books. Even my publicist was having a hard time finding ways of helping me get my book out there. But I had an epiphany yesterday.

My husband and I decided to venture out a bit from our hometown and we went to the mall for the first time in months. We had no idea what to expect, but what we didn’t expect was how relaxed it was. There were few people and everyone was keeping their distance and for the most part, everyone was playing it safe. It felt…normal!

For months now, I kept hearing from customers coming through my line at work, “This is the new normal”. And yesterday, on our way home, I got to thinking. What is normal? Is normal what we knew before the pandemic? Or is normal just a setting on a dryer (as the old saying goes)?

No, we are the ones who define what is normal in our society. Sure, my book events have been delayed, but that doesn’t mean I can’t push my book out there more through giveaways and virtual book tours. Sure, major fairs and upcoming holiday events are canceled, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a cookout for ourselves and make a “fair” in our own backyard.

We have so many options in our current situation, we just need to tap into the creative side we were all born with and try something new.

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