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Ceara Comeau, 27, has been writing stories for as long as she can remember. She was just 15-years-old when with the help of her parents, she got her first book published.


“With my Dad as the editor and my Mom doing the formatting, we self-published ‘Amber Oak Mysteries Volume 1’ and ‘Adventures of the Young and Curious,’” says the author, who quickly built up a fan base for her mystery series. “People would write to me and tell me how much they loved my books.”


After finishing the series in 2014, Comeau made the transition from mystery to fantasy and science fiction writing. Her book, Memories of Chronosalis, published in 2018, won The National Association of Book Entrepreneurs (NABE) Pinnacle Book Achievement Award that fall. It was followed up by A Scientist’s Remorse in 2019.

Comeau says those two books set the stage for her Heroes of Avalon trilogy, which takes a different twist on the Arthurian legends. Book One: The Knight of Two Realms was released on Kindle in Feb. 2020. The paperback is also available for purchase.


Book Two in the Heroes of Avalon saga is tentatively titled A King’s Redemption. It is scheduled for release in Spring 2021. Book Three’s tentative title is War of the Gods. Comeau intends to release it in Spring 2022.


When she is not writing, Ceara Comeau enjoys her retail job, and spending time volunteering at middle and high schools in her area. She lives in Walpole, New Hampshire with her husband, Jeffrey.

To arrange an interview of your own with Ceara Comeau, contact Rachel M. Anderson, Publicist, at 952-240-2513 or rachel@rmapublicity.com



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