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Chronosalis Galaxy

Welcome to Chronosalis — a galaxy where time is irrelevant and the multiverse is a real thing.


At the edge of this elliptical galaxy sits a group of four planets with personalities that mimic their inhabitants. This is nothing compared to a neighboring solar system whose rulers have a severe God complex.


Now, clear across the galaxy is a single blue planet where you can enjoy a lively conversation with some space merfolk. But if water’s not really your thing, don’t worry. I hear there’s a very sandy world with a missing library, if that’s more your speed.


If you want something more “down-to-earth” there are really no options. Unless you’d like to befriend a lonely  soon-to-be mother who just acquired a high-maintenance house—one with connections to every known part of the Chronosalis Galaxy.


But wherever your interests take you, just be careful. Dark Matter and its creators loom around every planet, waiting for their next strike!

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