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Be Your Own Actor

Well, the first episode of Amber Oak is a wrap and the premiere dates are set. I gotta say, now that things are winding down, I’m so happy to get back to writing. Of course, mainly writing scripts, but to be honest it feels like I’m taking a little vacation. Lately, I’ve been getting so many ideas for future Amber Oak scripts and some ideas for the third book in the trilogy. It may have a lot to do with the amount of creative inspiration I’ve been around.

I’ve always said that people inspire me and that stands true to this date. I have been around so many actors with this first episode and seeing them put their all into the character they portrayed—even adding to their character—that’s been so inspiring to me! With the scripts we have planned for next year, I started thinking to myself, how would the actor act this out or can I see them acting this way?

I think that a part of this new endeavor isn’t just writing scripts or trying to take the story and put it into script form, but also how I think the actor would act the scene out. Whenever I used to write stories, I would always imagine the most famous actors I could think of and wonder how they’d work the scene. Now, I’m doing the same thing, but it’s a tiny bit different than I expected. Sometimes the dialogue that I write sounds different in my head than when I have someone say it, and in a way that helps me iron out my writing a bit better. When I was younger, my dad would always tell me to read my stories aloud to hear if there were any inconsistencies or issues. I never had the patience for that, but now, I’m forced to think heavier on the dialogue than anything else. There have even been times on set where the actors look over a line that they’ve memorized and say, “Wait, did I memorize this line wrong?” and come to find out, I just wrote it in a weird way.

So, all this to say—to my fellow writers and aspiring writers…regardless of what kind of story you are writing, make sure your writing makes sense. It’s great to imagine famous celebrities acting out our worlds, but it makes it a whole lot easier if the writing (particularly dialogue) flows smoothly. So, be your own actor and act out that scene! 😊

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