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New Year, New Updates!

So, it wasn't until I started scrolling through my past blog posts that I realized I actually didn't have any major life lessons that I learned this month! (Shocking I know).

But, I do have some pretty awesome updates for this coming year.

My film partner, Killarney Traynor, and I have been hard at working building our new film company--Book Sisters Productions. I'm sure I've mentioned the new venture, one or two times ;)

So far I've written four screenplays which are all in various editing phases right now. We are also having two logos being done up by my awesome cover designer, Matt Crafton of Space Viking Productions and we are also looking in to getting a sample theme song done by a mutual friend of ours.

Things are right on track for pre-production which we hope to start this June! While we are in the waiting stages for the new multi-film series, Killarney is getting ready to do her next film, Peacemaker. This will be a western theme. That is something she anticipates will be filmed in the spring which Book Sisters will be a great part of.

Along with that, Killarney's latest short film will be premiered on January 31st on YouTube. Here is the link for it, you don't want to miss it!

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