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Artists of Tomorrow

Attention all writers! I have an amazing experience to share with you. And if you’re not a writer, don’t tune me out just yet. This post is really for anyone in the realm of the arts.

Within the last several weeks, I’ve been given the honor of conducting a writer’s workshop for a charter school in my area. And as each week goes by, I can’t help but be inspired by these students and their creativity! One student is working on a magical fantasy world, another student is learning the ropes of the horror genre, another student is developing her spy novel, and there’s even one working on an amazing historical fantasy! But, there’s one student, in particular, who absolutely amazed me. This past week, he finally welcomed me into his amazing science fiction world that blew me away! He showed me dozens of scrolls which had family trees and decrees written out on them. He had countless binders filled with ideas for his world and he’s got fifteen languages going! These ideas span throughout over ninety books! But the most amazing part was, he JUST started formulating these ideas only a year ago.

“Okay, Ceara, you’re bragging now.”

Heck yes, I’m bragging! Want to know why? Because these students are the future. Crazy thought, right? Well, not really. See, writers and artists of today aren’t going to live forever, sad to say, but it’s true. And we don’t often think about that. But maybe we should start.

If you’re a writer or really deal with any art form, might I encourage you to go into the schools near you and talk to students? Teachers are always looking for new workshops that their students might enjoy and they don’t know that you’re out there unless you introduce yourselves.

“I’m not a teacher, I can’t talk to the students!”

(Teachers, please skip over what I’m about to say).

YOU. DON’T. HAVE. TO. BE! Think I said that loud enough 😉 I’m not a teacher, not by a long shot, nor do I intend to go on out and get a degree in teaching. It’s simply not necessary. Experience is sometimes the best “teaching degree”. And, you want to know a secret that many people miss? Most, if not all, times students will listen more to people who AREN’T teachers.

“Well, okay, so I don’t have to be a teacher. But what if I don’t want to teach kids? I’ve got to focus on my (fill in art form here)!”

Sure, that’s totally your prerogative. Consider this, though. Your art form, whatever it may be, could potentially die out. *GASP* Yes, I just said that. It might seem dramatic, I understand, but Baby Boomers and Generation X are in their 50-70s. And the youngest Millennials have reached (approximately) the age of 20! Generation Z is our future, people.

I’ve heard it time and time again of the older generations complaining about kids. “They’re too lazy”, “They’re ungrateful”, “They’re too impatient”, “They’re (fill in the blank)”. We can change that, in fact, we’re the only ones who can!

Let me be real with you. Whether you’re an actor, digital artist, painter, cartoonist, writer, poet, musician, or any other medium of art. We ALL have an obligation to encourage the youth. Educate them in their field of interest. Show them they’re not alone and that we have their backs. Because the children of today will become the artists of tomorrow.

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