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The King's Redemption




Allow me to take you on a journey to the Chronosalis Galaxy. Here, you can peer into the lives of aliens, magical creatures, and villains of untold power.

Join me on an adventure of a lifetime and become one with the characters as you discover the twist in these science-fantasy novels!

This book really sucks you in as soon as you start reading. The author takes a wonderful spin on stories we may have heard long ago, accentuated by her beautiful way with words. Emmy's Goodreads review March 6, 2021 (Heroes of Avalon: The Knight of Two Realms)


A wonderfully inviting twist on the traditional tales of King Arthur and the lady of the lake. Pulled me in from the very first paragraphs, can’t wait to hear more from this wonderful author.

Stephen Jennings's Goodreads review Apr 12, 2020 (Heroes of Avalon: The Knight of Two Realms)

Ceara does not skim on details in this novel. She brings her visions to life through colorful, in-depth depictions of the planet of Galaseya and the galaxies beyond our own comprehension. Charmed Haven Book Reviews

Amber Oak's story gets even more detailed in this imaginative prequel from author Ceara Comeau. Years before the events of Memories of Chronosalis, Kyhra Crawford rebels against her industrialist father's demanding ways and slip-shop production practices. Determined to stop the pollution that her father is producing, Khyra joins an underground research team, dedicated to saving the planet. When a deadly virus wipes out most of earth's population, it seems the human race is doomed - until Kyhra's old friend reappears with a bold - and risky - plan. But even if they save the human race, can Krhra and her rag-tag team of unlikely allies save humanity from an even more insidious evil? Remorse is a galaxy spanning adventure with a spunky lead - though listed as prequel, it is definitely best read after Memories of Chronosalis. Killarney Traynor Blog

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