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Writing When Not Writing

After last month’s blog post, I actually took my own advice and decided to stop being so hard on myself. No, seriously, I actually stopped! Now, some days are easier than others, I’ll admit. But, it wasn’t until I joined this writer’s zoom meeting that I actually realized just how much writing I’ve actually done this year.

I write this blog on a monthly basis and I have another blog (and possibly another on the way) that I write for my family history. This I do on a weekly basis. To top it off, I’ve been editing the second book of my trilogy (which should be nearing it’s second to last stage soon) and I’ve also added the first 1300 words to the third book of my trilogy.

Phew! Yes, I have been writing a LOT lately, but it’s not entirely about my book. Like a lot of authors, I don’t have inspiration strike me every single day. Sometimes it comes on the weekends when I’m finally able to relax after a long week of working. Some days it comes randomly during the week when I’m watching my favorite show.

I guess, what I’ve learned this month, is that I don’t have to ALWAYS be punching out words right and left for my latest WIP (work in progress). It’s okay to expand my brain to other things so I don’t get super burned out.

If your WIP has you stressed out, it’s time to take a breather. Write something different. There are TONS of free write starting phrases on Pinterest and other websites. Who knows, maybe writing something different will inspire your main project!

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