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Turning a Page

Job promotion, new house, and now a cat. These last two months have been kind of crazy for this writer which is why I’ve been slightly MIA (sorry about that). These are new beginnings as I like to call it. But new beginnings always come with new challenges that we all have to face. For me, it was trying to establish a new writing pattern.

I don’t know about you, but anytime something even slightly disrupts my creative juices from flowing, I usually get lost in my own mind. I get paranoid that I’m not writing enough or frustrated that I can’t story storm my next novel. And, as with any kind of stress, those around me could see something was a bit off. To be honest, I could feel it to which only added to my madness.

But this past week I began thinking more about my “creative blockage” and wondering what could I write about. We all go through bouts of “writer's block” or something of that sort and I know I’ve spoken about this particular topic before. So, what could I say that was different?

I never had writer’s block.

There, that was different! See, I realized that I had been story storming and contemplating my next novel the ENTIRE time! Whether I was talking with co-workers, thinking of how a character would react to a particular situation I was in, or even vegging out in front of the TV watching a favorite actor and thinking how they’d be in one of my character’s shoes. All of this was still story storming. And this made me realize that I don’t have to be sitting down at a desk with my computer on or pencil in hand to be working on my next novel. I know some authors may disagree with me, but thinking and imagining situations are still part of the writing journey!

Eventually, they’ll all get down into an outline, once my thoughts have sorted out and I’ve settled into this new chapter in my life, but for now, I think I’m going to view story storming and keep on dreaming!

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