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Treat Yourself

The month of October has given me a lot more tricks than treats. Many of these tricks resulted in my creative vibe being completely blocked, sad to say. Throughout the month, I tried to get my mind off of these events by delving into any project that I could. From helping my film partner with her upcoming film to getting so wrapped up in family research that I forgot what day it was.

But, my hubby came to the rescue in his own way. And, it was a very simple statement…

"Stop working."

At first, I looked at him kind of funny. What did he mean, 'Stop working'? I wasn't at work while at home. Given my stubborn nature, I heavily disagreed, but he explained that even when I'm not at work, I am always working. See, he showed me that projects and dreams, even the ones we absolutely adore, can become "work" if we aren't careful. Now, I can see what he meant by my writing career being work (and film too), but family research? I wasn't getting paid for it and I always did that when my mind was racing. But, I allowed it to take over my month.

In the last few weeks, I have slowly (and with great struggle) started doing things for myself. Things that aren't even remotely related to my normal projects. I started playing my old computer games, reading for fun, hiking with my dad, watching a LOT of horror movies, and just being spontaneous in what I do on my days off. And honestly, it's feeling so liberating. Now, I do go back to my "work" on occasion, but I don't always make a schedule for it. (Unless my film partner contacts me, that's a different story entirely ;) )

I realized that sometimes the things we love can take over our lives, especially during stressful times. And it's important to take a break whether that be taking a walk, hanging with friends, going to the movies, shopping, or anything that allows you to simply treat yourself. Now, if you'll excuse me, I think my Nintendo Switch game is calling! Happy Halloween!

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