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The Maze

Picture're in a massive maze trying to reach the end where a reward beyond your imagination awaits you. The walls constantly move at random and sometimes you're boxed in until an opening appears. even have to go back to the starting line...if you can find it.

Sounds like something magical from Harry Potter, right? Well, yes and no. I'm talking, not about a literal maze, but the maze of life. Or rather, a life of one who's trying to make a living off writing or any other type of art.

Like in the maze, the walls are constantly turning in an artist's life. These walls, I like to think, are the blockades that prevent the artist from moving forward toward their goal. But some of these walls give the artist a way through. Then there are times, which is the most difficult to handle when the walls block the artist in and they are forced to sit and wait. Sometimes we want to scream and yell at these blockades, but in ways, they are good for us. We can sit down, reflect on where we have been and where we intend to go.

Not going to lie, when I first start to seriously market and advertise my work, I kept running into those full-blocks where the walls seemed to suffocate me. But I'm grateful for those moments because it not only allowed me to reflect and focus on my goal, but it gave me a break, one that I needed.

See, the maze of life, as much as we feel it's against us, is actually for us. There are times to stop, times to go, and times to relax and reflect.

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