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It’s that time of year again where we all mention the things we’re grateful for. But you know, I feel that’s something we should be thinking about year around. Why? Because we truly have so much to be grateful for, even if we don’t think about it on a daily basis.

We all go through our good and bad days. Some supersede others, I’ll be the first to admit. However, even in those dark times, we can always look for that beautiful silver lining. So, what does being thankful have to do about writing?

Let me backtrack a bit. Early today I was at the bank and had a great conversation with the bank teller who told me her daughter was an aspiring writer. Naturally, I’m all giddy because I love hearing about the younger generation expressing themselves through that form of art. Then our conversation took a sad turn. This woman’s daughter has a disability that hinders her writing. It’s a form of dysgraphia where she can’t retain the spelling of words in her head like many of us do. She has to relearn how to write a single word each time she goes to write. Yet, she still loves the craft. After leaving the bank, this girl was all I could think about.

I mean, how often do we take for granted remembering the spelling of words or how to do simple math problems? Probably every day if we really think about it. This girl honestly inspired me!

To all of you out there who are following your dreams despite a disability, YOU are my heroes! You are the reason I have no excuse to let a writer’s block get in my way. You are the reason I can still have hope that one day I’ll make it big in the writing world! Thank you for not allowing your disability, whatever it may be, stop you from dreaming and reaching your goals!

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