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Make Your Own Door

I’ve had a lot of time to think about this month’s blog post. This is mostly due to the fact that I didn’t really know what to write about until now. See, this month’s been rough for me. In the beginning, I was doing great with book-related stuff and I was actually making a schedule (of sorts) so I could get everything done on time. But this month gave me an unpleasant surprise that totally threw my system off. I got into a car accident—in my driveway of all places. And unfortunately, I sustained bruises that I’m still trying to heal from. To throw my book system out of whack, even more, I’m also still dealing with insurance stuff and trying to get my car fixed.

So, yeah, I guess you could say this was a very tough month for me. I had to redo my already shaky schedule, not to mention catch up on everything I fell behind on. This past weekend, I was venting to my husband about all my struggles (which obviously he already knew). I remembered telling him that lately every door I’ve tried to open to get further in my book career has either slammed shut or just won’t open. Then, he said to me, “Sometimes you have to make your own door.”

And you know, it hit me, “make your own door”. I realized I HAD been doing that all along. I was so focused on finding the “right door” that I neglected the door I was trying to build for myself. Maybe the door I’m building is meant to be opened by someone else, maybe even someone who can help boost my book career. The point is, I realized that it doesn’t matter where my door is at in the construction process. Right now, it’s a semblance of a door frame, but eventually, it will be exactly how it supposed to be. I just need to keep building and, with those inconvenient moments in life, maybe even rebuild.

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