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Little Victories

Writing a book is quite simple actually, but marketing one is a completely different challenge (as I've mentioned many times before).

Over the last few weeks, I've been learning a very important lesson. about anyone who, like me, is struggling with telling the world about their artwork. I feel as artists we have it in our mindset that all of the people we know are going to quickly jump in and buy our art and we'll be instantly huge. But that's furthest from the truth. You see, our friends and family are just like anyone else.

Yes, they want to support you and want you to know that they're rooting for you which is awesome! But it's hard for anyone to buy books, music, paintings, (etc.) without understanding why it's so important to the artist. That's where the artist comes in. We need to show and tell people what our work means to us and why they need it. No, that's not going to instantly give us sales or fame, but it will at least help us get on the same level of understanding as our friends and family.

You see, every little thing we do, whether it is talking to a total stranger, connecting with the surrounding community, or even blasting social media. It all adds up in the end. The little victories are what will lead to our ultimate goal.

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