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Life with a Publicist

As we get into the thick of the global crisis, I have to say this month has given me many difficulties. I still have my part-time job, thank goodness, but I found it especially hard this month to get anything done with my books. Sure, I had a blog tour (which is going until May 15th), and that helped with publicity, but I think the most impactful thing in my life, by far, has been my publicist, Rachel. Now, I promised to tell all my author friends how life was like with a publicist, and let me tell you. . . I have no regrets! I got in touch with Rachel a few months ago when I was first searching for a publicist. I honestly had no idea what exactly to look for, aside from someone who was affordable. And that was one of the first things that attracted me to Rachel’s company, RMA Publicity. Fast forward a few weeks and Rachel had already read my book and was forming an AWESOME feature article about me and my latest book. I gave her a list of media outreaches in my area or those that I knew of and she did the rest. She actually has this cool program that allows her to not only see the different types of media in a state, but also sees who to get in touch in regards to books. Now, does our current crisis create dilemmas during the campaign that she constructed? Yes, definitely, but that didn’t stop her! She reached out to everyone she could and has already gotten me an interview with a radio station that serves pretty large cities in my state. Her next mission is to branch out further and speak to other states about my latest achievement. Having Rachel at the helm of my career, contacting me with new opportunities, seriously lifts a heavy weight off my shoulders so that way I’m able to focus on my books and a part-time job. My recommendation to all authors and aspiring authors, if you can, get a publicist within your budget and especially one who believes in you!

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