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Lesson Learned

The other day, I hired someone to do a book trailer for my upcoming book. I was a bit nervous about it because I wasn't sure how it would turn out. When I got the trailer back, it was done well, but it wasn't what I wanted. This was definitely not the other person's fault. They just did what I asked.

But you know, I learned something from this situation. Sure, I lost some money from this project, but I gained new insight about myself. I discovered that I had the creativeness in me to make a book trailer on my own! I am still working on it, but I find it is much more rewarding to be able to do the work myself.

That's not to say I'll never hire someone again, but if there are ways that I can do it, why not try it?

I want to make a correction to a very common quote. "If you want something done the way you want it do it yourself!"

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