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It Takes A Movie...

“It takes a movie to make a person.”

At first glance, it looks like a word switch, and originally it was. But over this past week, I realized how much truth there was in this statement. Hear me out.

Last weekend I spent some time with my aunt who is a professional set dresser. She’s been on the set of many popular films and concert venues. We had such a great conversation about the film industry and I’ll never forget her words of encouragement. It meant a lot to me as I was starting a new venture. That jumbled phrase was her last bit of advice. We had a good laugh about it for a good minute, but then I got to thinking. She’s right.

Regardless of the art form you choose, in a way it shapes you. You first go into it with a concept of what you’d like to do, but the more you practice and study your craft, the more you grow. But it’s not all about learning the art itself, sometimes you find out more about yourself and I’m not just talking about your strengths and weaknesses. I’m talking about something on a deeper level. Maybe your art is teaching you need more patience, dedication, or time management.

And these are the things you can take with you to not only further yourself in the art you’re working towards, but in life in general. This film endeavor has taken my skills to a whole new level. I’m able to take on more tasks simultaneously. I’ve had to learn which of those tasks I need to prioritize first and I’ve developed skills I didn’t think I could do.

And although art can “make” a person, as it were, this kind of goes to show how it can shape the world we live in.

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