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Descriptions...My Worst Nightmare

When I first started writing, I was about ten years old. At the time, I had just found my way into the writing world and I didn't know all that much. I was mainly self-taught and learned what I could through reading mystery books like Nancy Drew. I found the world of writing to be fascinating and wanted to discover myself through this art form.

Looking back, I wasn't all that great at it. I could write dialogue effortlessly, but descriptions were the bane of my writing existence. But over the years I developed ways that helped me get what was in my head out onto paper. Sometimes I'd talk it out with my writing friends and for the most difficult descriptions, I'd act out the scene...alone of course.

It took me years to become comfortable with writing descriptions, but I've looked at my older books and saw the progression through the years. I'm still learning different methods to perfecting my descriptions as there is and always will be more to learn.

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