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Creative Avenues

Music, dance, graphic design, paintings, movies, books, poems, and so many more art forms are something to be admired. I’m not saying that from an artist’s perspective, but I find myself more creative when I’m around creative things. I know it sounds like such a simple concept but I feel it’s often overlooked. As a writer, I am often so stuck in the world I’m writing that I often forget to take a glance at the creative world around me.

This past month, we wrapped up the first season of Book Sisters Productions YouTube short, “The Sadie McAllister Files.” After the last day, I opened up Scrivner and started writing in my book, and honestly, it was like the floodgates opened. I started brainstorming my ideas with my husband and the next thing I knew; I wrote nearly 4,000 words.

Creativity breeds more creativity and although I just started this journey with filmmaking, I’m starting to realize that, in a way, I need it. And I have to wonder, how many other artists out there need an additional creative avenue as well? Are you a musician? Maybe try dancing! Do you draw? Maybe try adding words to your drawings and create a comic! There are so many possibilities for artists these days and I feel if more artists try these avenues, then maybe there’d be fewer creative blocks!

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