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Acting Authors

Another month in the books, and what a month it was! I started filming the short YouTube series, “The Sadie McAllister Files” with my Book Sisters Productions partner, Killarney Traynor. It has been a month full of filming, set design, and interviews!

And in the mix of all the excitement and packed schedules, I had some time to sit down with the actresses of this series and talk to them about their characters and life outside of the film. One, in particular, struck a chord with me.

I was speaking with Elsa Kurt, another fellow author. And one question that came up was how she felt acting and writing actually work together. Last month I talked about how writing and filmmaking could go hand in hand, but what about the acting part? Elsa believes that acting and writing help each other out. And I got to thinking about the origins of how I began writing, I remember being thirteen years old and listening to music in my parents' big backyard. I’d find myself jamming out to whatever song I felt fit a scene I was trying to write. The next thing I knew, I would be acting out a character with my “invisible” acting partner (which usually ended up being a tree or an unsuspecting squirrel).

Throughout this month, I have found myself reflecting on that time. And during the moments where I have to actually act in a scene for “The Sadie McAllister Files,” I feel like I’m in my backyard again, but I traded in the squirrels and trees for lights, camera…and of course, people.

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